Zhongshan Transformer

Project Overview

Status: Detail Design

John Curran Architects are realising a 24 hour mixed use retail and entertainment store called the ‘Transformer’, and characterises the studio’s deep held belief in a projects power to transform a neighbourhood for the benefit of all.

The Transformer creates a gateway to welcome people into the recently regenerated Butterfly District – a home for local entrepreneurs to interact and exchange ideas within a vibrant neighbourhood of pedestrianized laneways and central square.

The Transformer also expresses the client’s personal story and desire for this new ‘City Stage’ attraction – A ‘Bookcase’ symbolises the cultural dimension of the project as a venue for literature and the arts. A ‘Table of Hospitality’ houses restaurants and dining terraces. A ‘Lantern Cinema’ catches the eye and draws people inward and upward along a central stairway and gallery of shops. The skyline blossoms into the ‘Feng Shui Cloud’ - a rooftop public plaza illuminated at night with moving images.

The Transformer reflects people’s desire for new destinations in our cities, in tune with our 24 hour lifestyle.